About Us

Our Philosophies

By one recovering addict helping another, we strengthen the recovery of those in every step of their recovery.

"Love The Addict, Hate The Disease".

We Are In This Together


The first step is asking for help.  Let us help you, your loved one, your family fight this disease of addition and gain peace and hope. 


I accept responsibility for my past, present, and future.

I will be of service, free of fear and full of gratitude.

I will do more than just stay alive, I will thrive.


Just For Today


Founded in 2017, Jay Frost and his team of Recovery Coaches are dedicated to helping others achieve long-term recovery.  Jay and his wife, Bridgit, both thrive in living a life of recovery and understand the importance of all aspects of this journey.  They are dedicated to their family and living life to the fullest.  Their dream is to work together with others suffering and help them bring peace back into their lives.

They have been through the pain watching so many suffer from this awful disease.  Most importantly, they believe in the miracle of recovery.  They have personal and professional experience with relapse and taking the steps necessary to make the changes required to achieve long-term recovery from addiction.

Jay's background is in education and he has worked in the field of addiction for over 4 years providing support as a Recovery Coach.  Jay and his team have the skills necessary to create recovery plans from intervention to long-term recovery.